For the past 11 years I have had a passion for helping entrepreneurs showcase who they are! This passion started when I launched my blog design business, Hot Bliggity Blog, back in 2008. After the first few years I wasn't only designing custom blogs, but I was designing websites and marketing graphics for multiple clients and businesses while still under the Hot Bliggity Blog name. I then started loving company branding on a larger scale and decided to go back to school to get my degree in Web Design. For my capstone project (in 2015) I designed this website featuring all that I offer (beyond only blog design). I totally reinvented my brand and mission and launched my current company

Casey Olson Designs.  

Launching Casey Olson Designs has been a total game charger for me as a business owner. Not only do I offer amazing marketing photos, but I also web/blog design to showcase those photos on along with marketing materials that match their new brand!  In addition to all this I offer my photography clients an option for me to manage their business instagram for one month and send them tutorials on how I am managing it so they can continue growing their clientele and get noticed as a company. This gets them on their feet running with how they want to market themselves. I also cater all of my photos/designs around the vision the visions my client's have for their company branding so they are sure to love it!

What I'm most proud of as a company is the quality of the photos and designs I deliver my clients. I truly think my ability to capture the essence of who a company (or individual) is is something I have a unique eye for. My landscape and graphic photo art that I share through my @reminiscement part of my company is also for sale through my website and in art shows. I have many clients and fans who truly love and support my work. When my work is shared on the local news channels I have so many people who are excited to tell me they knew it was my work before they even read the name! I love that when people see my work they know I was the designer/creative behind it since it shows I have a personal brand/style that shines in my work. 


I truly love what I do and I get very excited to help each new client show the world who they are

and what they have to offer!


“Let’s Show The World Your Greatness” is my company tagline. 
Let’s do this.