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  • What types of photography do you offer?
    I offer ALL types of photography. I know this is uncommon and most photographers stick to one niche, but I am talented in all aspects of photography and I don't want to limit myself. I love every single type of photography gig I get and excel in every area. Check out my photography portfolio here!
  • How long have you been doing photography?
    I got my first DSLR camera in 2010, but didn't begin taking photography professionally until 2018 when I added it to my company as an additional service for both business and individuals. Starting to take landscapes that year is what caused me to become super passionate about photography and then I dove into excelling in every area possible.
  • Do you sell prints of your photo art for homes and offices?
    YES! Honestly nothing makes my happier than someone wanting my work on their walls. It brings me immense joy when people support my photography and art in this way. Here is a link to my shop so you can get my work on yo wallz!
  • Do you sell licensing of your photo art to companies so they can use it in their marketing?
    Yes! I LOVE selling photo licenses to businesses who want to use my work for their marketing! Contact me about what photo you'd like to purchase licensing for and we will get the process started!
  • How long are your photography shooting sessions?
    They are typically 1-2 hours unless it's an event (like a wedding) where I need to be there longer.
  • What services do you offer for businesses?
    I offer basically anything a business needs to market themselves! I offer marketing photography along with custom logos, marketing materials (business cards, flyers, signs, labels, etc), and full websites! I do business social media creation and management as well so that these companies can use the designs and photos I have created for their brand to market themselves and get more clients and website traffic. Check out some of my business branding here!
  • How long have you been doing branding design for businesses?
    I started doing branding design when I launched by first company back in 2009, which was a blog design business. That is what caused me to fall in love with helping both individuals and businesses market themselves online with my designs and sites. From there I started designing company websites and doing branding for all kinds of different clients and have loved it ever since!
  • What is you turnaround time for design work?
    It is a super simple and fast process. Once the design content is sent over to me and the invoice is paid and I usually have the first drafts sent to my clients for review within 3 -5 business days. From there they choose their favorite draft and send me what revisions they want done and we revise until it's perfectly how they want it!
  • Do you teach what you do?
    Yes! One of my main passions is teaching what I do. I teach photography & photo editing, but I also offer business coaching, etc to help teach other businesses what to do so that they are able to launch or grow their company. You can find out more and hire me to help you here!
  • How does payment work?
    I send my clients an invoice where they can easily pay straight through the invoice (using a credit/debit card of Paypal), but I also send other payment options listed below: Venmo: CaseyOlsonDesigns Zelle:
  • What region do you offer your services in?
    I offer my branding/web design services from anywhere since it is all done remotely. I usually do my photoshoots local to Arizona, but I would love to travel to do photography jobs as well!

Frequently Asked Questions


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